The Rochester Condominium

Set your dreams to motion at The Rochester make it a reality by making the smart choice. This Pasig residential condominium is well-known for its multi-clustered design where both mid-rise and high-rise towers are available to satisfy one’s longing to live a good life. One of Empire east Projects in Pasig that give the perks of living in luxurious and Modern-day facilities that are standard features in the developments and which contribute to a more convenient lifestyle.


PROJECT the rochester 
TOWER bridgeview
AREA 37.8 sqm

TOTAL CONTACT PRICE                                3,225,200.00
Less: REBATE                                      25,000.00 (if PDCs submitted in 30 days)
Less: 5% Discount                                    160,010.00 PROMO THIS MONTH
Net TCP                                3,040,190.00
Payment terms under PROMO:
10%  of TCP                                    304,019.00
Less: Reservation                                      25,000.00
                                   279,019.00             5,812.90 monthly in 24 months 
10% LUMPSUM every 12th of the month:
10% of TCP                                    304,019.00
payable on the 12th month                                       76,004.75
payable on the 24th month                                      76,004.75
payable on the 36th month                                      76,004.75
payable on the 48th month                                       76,004.75
80% turnover balance                                2,432,152.00
Regular term 20% DP in 48 months
20% of TCP                                    608,038.00
less Reservation                                      25,000.00
                                   583,038.00          12,146.63 monthly in 48 months 
80% turnover balance                                2,432,152.00
Estimated monthly amortization for 80% turn over balance at 8% interest per annum:
5 years                                      49,315.27 monthly
10 years                                      29,508.72 monthly
15 years                                      23,242.91 monthly
20 years                                      20,343.49 monthly
Rebate of Php 25,000.00 will be given if PDCs are submitted within 30 days from date of reservation
If PCDs not submitted, the 25,000 will be added back to TCP
Reservation fee is P 25,000.00 payable to EMPIRE EAST LAND HOLDINGS, INC. 
80% balance can be paid thru bank financing 
Miscellaneous fees and bank fees are NOT yet included in quotation and will be paid
                        together with 80% balance


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